DFB imparts the same velvety richness and authentic flavor as fresh milk. Our safe standard processes and highest quality level of ingredients are pivotal to produce the delightful essence of milk. Ideal for any applications to your dishes, DFB transfers its flavor effortlessly blended in any recipe everyone is craving.
Bursting richer taste
Easy to use and apply
Optimized fermentation process

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available forms will fulfill your needs.

Powder: DFB powder offers a longer expiration date and a richer milky taste. Perfect for baked goods and beverages, this milk powder enhances the authentic flavor of milk.

Paste: DFB paste brings out a strong milk and creamy intensity to any kind of food and beverage with a very small dosage of paste. 

  • Use 0.5% to 5% of total weight
  • Simply mixing and blending into any food products
Biscuits and Cookies
Milk Beverages
Instant Premix
20kg Paper Bag (Powder)

Store at cool and dry temperature

20kg Carton Box (Paste)2x 10kg Aseptic Bags

Store at chill temperature of 2-6°



Ensure our products arrive safely in your hands.