Indulge in the creamy sensation of butter with Buermo. Produced with extra safety from the natural dairy ingredients and careful enzyme modification process, Buermo infuses your culinary creations with captivating buttery aroma pervaded in every dish. Effortlessly versatile, Buermo is ready to take part in any recipe, bringing its irresistible scent and premium taste.
Bursting richer taste
Easy to use and apply
Optimized fermentation process
Optimized fermentation process

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available forms will fulfill your needs.

Powder: Our butter powder is the answer for easier multipurpose applications compared to traditional butter. Yet, it offers the same rich buttery sensation as Buermo paste, an ideal pair for baked goods, candies, and seasoning blends.

Paste: BUERMO paste indulges buttery sensations by boosting the butter flavor and mouthfeel in a snap. Apply the paste in bakery, pastry, sauces to seize the aromatic butter flavor.

  • Use 0.5% to 5% of total weight
  • Simply mixing and blending into any food products
Biscuits, Cookies, Wafer, and Crackers
Instant Premix
Pasta Sauce
Bakery and Pastry
20kg Paper Bag (Powder)

Store at cool and dry temperature

20kg Carton Box (Paste)2x 10kg Aseptic Bags

Store at chill temperature of 2-6°



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