Our Concentrated Natural Butter pervades the same enticing aroma as premium butter, captivating your senses with its irresistible scent.

We provide your longing for the rich taste of mature cheese in our concentrated cheese powder, suitable for any kind of food product.

Some say milk is a staple ingredient in many dishes. That is why our concentrated natural milk flavor imparts the same velvety richness as fresh milk.

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Welcome to Gala Natura Kreasi (fondly known as GNK), where innovation meets profound passion to redefine the essence of dairy product. Operating in Bekasi, Indonesia we have humbled ourselves on a journey fueled by perseverance and dedication to excellence. Our expertise lies in crafting concentrated cheese, concentrated butter, and dairy flavor boosters that elevate flavor intensity to the new level.

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Forged by our in-house experts, we lead the industry with a proven track record.
Experience intertwines with deep-rooted expertise, we guarantee compliant ingredients every time.
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